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Thank you for your interest in our compressed air treatment products & services. Please visit our latest pages showing the all new CS-Itec range of Compressed Air Audit Instruments the range is bigger, better and less expensive as well!

A Download of just some of the new products, is now available in the “Download Section” of this site. 

HIRE UNITS - The range of air dryers for hire is now even bigger and expands monthly, the latest additions are two 56 m³/min adsorption dyers.  Call us for rates!

 I  know  you will find your time spent with us interesting. As a worldwide importer, of compressed air dryers and treatment products for the last 22 years we try hard to satisfy your compressed air treatment needs.

All products are tried tested & well suited for our tough South African conditions.

For more information or prices, feel free to Contact Us.


Our Compressed Air Instrumentation Product Section is under construction.

We apologise for the inconvenience !

  • Air Treatment Equipment
  • Refrigeration Air Dryers
  • Pyramid Refrigeration Air Dryers 
  • Chemical Adsorption Air Dryers 
  • Blower Purge Chemical Air Dryers 
  • Heat Of Compression Chemical Air Dryers 
  • Membrane Air Dryers
  • Coalescing Filters 
  • Retrofit Filter Elements 
  • Particle Filters 
  • Water Separators 
  • Compressor Condensate Separators – Sepura 
  • Condensate Drains - Timed 
  • Condensate Drains - Float 
  • Condensate Drains - Capacitance Type 
  • Condensate Drains - Rotary Ball Valve 
  • Condensate Drain - Timers 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Activated Alumina 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Molecular Sieve
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Silica Gel 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Activated Carbon 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Dry-O-Lite
  • Air Dryer Service Department 
  • Air Dryer Rebuilds & Refurbishment 
  • Compressed Air Audit Department 
  • Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detection Service 
  • Compressed Air Measurement Instruments 
  • Mobile Compressed Air Measurement Instruments Ds 300 
  • Compressed Air Dew Point Measurement 
  • Compressed Air Flow Measurement
  • Compressed Air Oil Carryover Measurement
  • Compressed Air Velocity Measurement 
  • Air Compressor Power Measurement 
  • Compressed Air Pipeline Design 
  • Compressed Air System Design
  • Compressed Air Silencers
  • Compressed Air Mufflers
  • Exhaust Silencers
  • Relief Valve Silencer
  • Vacuum Exhaust Silencer
  • Steam Exhaust Silencer
  • Air Damper

Brand Names we supply:
  • Bry-Air
  • Jemaco Flair
  • Chaumeca Iberica
  • SPX Dehydration
  • Bea Filters
  • Allied Witan
  • Shaw Moisture Meters
  • Sepura
  • Twin Tower Engineering
  • Jorc
  • Alwitco