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Thank you for your interest in our compressed air treatment products & services. Please visit our latest pages showing the all new CS-Itec range of Compressed Air Audit Instruments the range is bigger, better and less expensive as well!

A Download of just some of the new products, is now available in the “Download Section” of this site. 

HIRE UNITS - The range of air dryers for hire is now even bigger and expands monthly, the latest additions are two 56 m³/min adsorption dyers.  Call us for rates!

 I  know  you will find your time spent with us interesting. As a worldwide importer, of compressed air dryers and treatment products for the last 22 years we try hard to satisfy your compressed air treatment needs.

All products are tried tested & well suited for our tough South African conditions.

For more information or prices, feel free to Contact Us.


  • Air Treatment Equipment
  • Refrigeration Air Dryers
  • Pyramid Refrigeration Air Dryers 
  • Chemical Adsorption Air Dryers 
  • Blower Purge Chemical Air Dryers 
  • Heat Of Compression Chemical Air Dryers 
  • Membrane Air Dryers
  • Coalescing Filters 
  • Retrofit Filter Elements 
  • Particle Filters 
  • Water Separators 
  • Compressor Condensate Separators – Sepura 
  • Condensate Drains - Timed 
  • Condensate Drains - Float 
  • Condensate Drains - Capacitance Type 
  • Condensate Drains - Rotary Ball Valve 
  • Condensate Drain - Timers 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Activated Alumina 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Molecular Sieve
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Silica Gel 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Activated Carbon 
  • Desiccant Adsorption Media – Dry-O-Lite
  • Air Dryer Service Department 
  • Air Dryer Rebuilds & Refurbishment 
  • Compressed Air Audit Department 
  • Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detection Service 
  • Compressed Air Measurement Instruments 
  • Mobile Compressed Air Measurement Instruments Ds 300 
  • Compressed Air Dew Point Measurement 
  • Compressed Air Flow Measurement
  • Compressed Air Oil Carryover Measurement
  • Compressed Air Velocity Measurement 
  • Air Compressor Power Measurement 
  • Compressed Air Pipeline Design 
  • Compressed Air System Design
  • Compressed Air Silencers
  • Compressed Air Mufflers
  • Exhaust Silencers
  • Relief Valve Silencer
  • Vacuum Exhaust Silencer
  • Steam Exhaust Silencer
  • Air Damper

Brand Names we supply:
  • Bry-Air
  • Jemaco Flair
  • Chaumeca Iberica
  • SPX Dehydration
  • Bea Filters
  • Allied Witan
  • Shaw Moisture Meters
  • Sepura
  • Twin Tower Engineering
  • Jorc
  • Alwitco
  • CS iTEC